The Swimco Scoop, Vol. 03: Time Crunch

The Swimco Scoop, Vol. 03: Time Crunch

A new month, a new volume of the Swimco Scoop to keep you updated on all thing's swimwear.

In this month’s volume of the Swimco Scoop, we have the newest tale in our series Changeroom Stories. (Double back to Vol. 01 and Vol. 02 if you missed the first two stories!) You’ll also get to see Swimco’s latest #ShowYourSwimco winner. Continue to post those amazing photos and next months winner could be you! Look for a teaser on what’s to come this holiday season at Swimco.

Time Crunch

A changeroom story from Tracey, Manager

“I was the manager at Market Mall for many years and helped some amazing customers along the way. This day was no different, happy customers leisurely shopping for swimwear for their upcoming getaways, however, there was this one particular customer who was in a hurry. She walked up to me and asked right away if I could help her find a swimsuit for her vacation. I began in the way I always did; where, when, with who. The customer replied in a way that shocked and intimated me, but I was ready for the challenge. She was currently on her way to the airport and her plane was set to leave in 3 hours to go to Maui with her husband (who happened to be waiting in the car). The race was on. In a short amount of time I was able to fit her with multiple swimsuits that she felt great in, a cover up, sandals, a hat and some much needed sunscreen for that Hawaii sun. While she was at the till she decided to take a look at the menswear quickly and picked out a few boardshorts and t-shirts for her husband. 

After her quick shop and checkout she was elated that she could finally go to Maui feeling prepared and better yet, comfortable in her swimwear. I’m sure her husband was happy with his goodies too!”


Congratulations to this month's #ShowYourSwimco winner @susansaunders0630

Whether you’re on white sandy beaches, swimming lanes at your local pool, or cozying up at a bonfire, we want to see you put your Swimco gear to good use! Snap a picture in your Swimco items and tag us with the hashtag #ShowYourSwimco for the chance to be next month’s winner of a $100 gift card. Click here for all the details.

What's Come Up

With the holiday season fast approaching and gift giving on the mind make sure you are signed up to the Cabana Club for updates on new arrivals, sales, and early access to special events. (Hint: Black Friday is the perfect time to save on some Christmas gifts for the family). And follow us on Instagram @swimco for our much anticipated 12 Days of Deals!

Have a great November and stay tuned for another volume of the Swimco Scoop!