The Swimco Scoop, Vol. 02: The Challenge

The Swimco Scoop, Vol. 02: The Challenge

Welcome back to the Swimco Scoop, where you can stay informed on upcoming announcements and read behind-the-scenes stories from the Swimco team.

In this edition, we have the newest changeroom story told by one of our Fit Experts. (Not sure what we’re talking about? Check out the first volume of the Scoop to learn more about our Changeroom Stories series.) We’re also highlighting some new arrivals so you can #ShowYourSwimco and be entered to win a prize. And don’t miss the special teaser—exciting things are happening soon!

The Challenge

A changeroom story from Leah, Fit Expert

“I started working at Swimco in November of 2011. Four weeks later, I was a fully trained Fit Expert when an older woman walked into the store. You could tell when she walked in that she wasn’t thrilled like many customers; she was actually a little anxious.

She approached me with a story I’d heard before. She hadn’t worn a swimsuit in years and wasn’t happy with how she looked, but she had grandkids now and wanted to go into the pool with them. She said she wanted to try on as little as possible and told me there was no chance she was coming out of the changeroom to show anybody. I told her I bet I could find the right suit on the first try, which was a little overly confident considering how new I was to fitting swimwear, but I was willing to take the challenge. We chatted more about what she was looking for, then I gave her a tankini top and a pair of boardshorts.

After taking a bit of time in the changeroom, I heard her door open. She came out of the changeroom in the top and boardshorts looking so happy and so confident. She literally burst into tears and asked if she could hug me.

I’m truly grateful for the time I got to spend with her and will always remember it as one of the most meaningful moments I’ve shared with a customer.”

New Season, New Swimsuits

Fall has officially arrived, and with the new season comes a wave of new styles and silhouettes. Add some (pumpkin) spice to your swimwear wardrobe with bold prints, which seems to be a growing trend this season. Whether you’re into funky florals, abstract patterns, or nautical stripes, you’ll be sure to find the print that makes you Feel Good Half Naked.

Show Us What You Got

Congratulations to this month's #ShowYourSwimco winner @susansaunders0630

Wear your new swimsuit with confidence! Whether you’re vacationing in Mexico or aquacising in your local pool, snap a picture of yourself in your Swimco suit and tag us with the hashtag
#ShowYourSwimco for the chance to win a $100 gift card. Click here for details.

A Little Sneak Peek

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We hope you have a great month ahead. See you in the next edition of the Swimco Scoop!