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Women’s Apparel

From the sandy shores of the beach to the vibrant ambience of the bar, Swimco is the leader in apparel for women. Our extensive array of beachwear options caters to every sun-soaked occasion.

Beach Clothes for Women

Look and feel just as great outside the water as you do in it. Swimco is more than just swimwear. With a diverse selection of beachwear as well, we’re here to help you make the most of the warm and sunny weather.

With a variety of trendy options, our apparel collection helps transition you through all stages of your tropical adventures. Go from sand to sidewalk in effortlessly alluring apparel. Exude both style and comfort in chic and flowy tops and tunic dresses. For more casual adventures, explore our assortment of shorts and board shorts for women.

Top it off with some of the best styles of dresses in Canada. Our easy-to-wear beach apparel is just what you need to finish prepping for your upcoming beach vacation!

Functional and Fashionable Women’s Beach Apparel

As a pioneer in sun consciousness, Swimco seamlessly integrates the importance of UV protection into our products. We ensure that every garment not only embraces style but also safeguards your skin from the sun's potent rays.

Offering UV shirts for women and other high-coverage pieces, like swim leggings, trust Swimco to protect you. Swimco's collection harmoniously merges fashion and function to elevate your aquatic adventures to new heights of sophistication.

Empowerment Through Apparel

At the heart of Swimco's ethos is the commitment to inspire unshakeable confidence in every individual. Our goal is to ignite a sense of empowerment that resonates with everyone who tries our products.

With a mission to help you embrace your body and your uniqueness, Swimco encapsulates the liberating concept of Feel Good Half Naked in everything we do. Appreciate your form with pride and revel in the carefree spirit of sun-soaked days!

Each garment is not merely a piece of fabric. It's a catalyst for self-assurance, an expression of our dedication to fostering a culture of body positivity and self-love.

The Swimco Difference

Beachwear has come a long way from its original purpose of simply covering up swimwear. It is now an embodiment of personal expression that captures the essence of leisure.

Swimco has emerged as an innovator that artfully marries comfort, style, and protection. Our curated collections are designed to take you from sunlit moments of relaxation to enchanted evenings of festivities.

Whether you're strolling along the shoreline or sipping cocktails by the bar, you can count on Swimco to help bring charm with every step, splash, and smile. Shop our incredible selection of beach apparel today!