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Utilize these trusted Fit Expert Fit tips to shop confidently

At Swimco we pride ourselves on being able to customize any shopping experience to fit customers with confidence and ease. We offer superior customer service, vast product knowledge, and extensive expertise in finding the perfect fit for everybody and every body. Created with our customers in mind, our exclusive Fit Tips will give you the confidence to find the best fit for you.


Tools Needed : Flexible or soft measuring tape.


To achieve an accurate measurement we recommend wearing minimal clothing while measuring. We want the measuring tape close to your skin to give the most accurate numbers.

There are 4 key areas to measure when fitting swimwear:









  • Different Brands - Now that you have your measurements and you’ve found a swimsuit that interests you, click the ‘Size Chart’ button on that product page. Each brands size guide differs, and this chart will give you the most accurate insight into their sizing.
  • Fabric
    • Lycra swimsuits stretch up to half a size in the water which means you’re safe to get the smaller size down if you’re between sizes.
    • 100% polyester suits do not stretch out, if you’re between sizes it’s best to round up.


Now that you have your swimsuit, try it on! Here are some fit tips to ensure you have the proper support and coverage.

  • Straps - Pull up on the straps, if you are able to lift the strap over your ear:
    • Adjustable straps – tighten the straps so the reach the bottom of your ear. If the straps can not be adjusted further, we suggest you size down or try another style.
    • Fixed straps - we suggest you go down a size or try a different style.
  • Underwire – The wire should sit comfortably under the arm and on the sternum, no lifting up over the chest.
  • Bottoms - Should fit snug and lay flat on your skin. No one wants a baggy bottom.
  • Boardshorts – Tug on the sides of the boardshort when done up, when they are wet this is as far as they will go down. If the shorts come down too low, consider sizing down.

Trying on your New Swim Accessories

  • Goggles – Best way to test to see if your goggles are the correct fit is to test the seal. Without using the strap place your goggles on your eye sockets and press the lenses against your face. If the goggles stay on your face without using the strap you have an excellent fit.
  • Nose Clips – A nose clip needs to be placed on your nose with the bridge of the clip facing upwards. Adjust the ends to ensure they are pinching the nostrils.
  • Swim Caps – Using the back of your hands (palms facing inwards), gently pull both sides away as far as possible. Starting at your forehead, quickly slide the cap over the rest of you head. You want to avoid pulling at the sides as this could rip or tear your cap. Swim caps should completely cover your ears and feel snug.
  • Training Fins – Fins should feel tight while trying them on. Once on, make sure your heel is at the very back and toes should lay flat between the opening and the line directly in front. If between sizes always go down.
  • Hand Paddles – Size translates to how much resistance. The larger the paddle, the more resistance you will feel.
  • Gloves – Measure the width of your palm horizontally and refer to size chart on product page. Gloves should fit snug.
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