Happy Friendship Day From Swimco

Which ‘Friends’ Character Are You? The One With The Swimsuits

So No One Told You Summer Was Gonna Be This Way… ????

90’s styles are back in a BIG way, and there isn’t a more iconic group to draw inspiration from than the ultimate friends combo of all-time. Ready to head back to the Central Perk days? Read on to find out whether your summer style matches Rachel, Monica or Phoebe.


If you’re obsessed with fashion, the trendsetter in the group, full of confidence, and maybe a touch spoiled, you’re definitely a Rachel. She was a fashion icon, and not just for her hair! Rachel vibes are back in in style, like high leg lines on swimwear, and tube tops. Just add a fitted skirt and dad’s boat for an incredible summer.

Rachel’s Swim Style Pick


Considered the ‘mom’ of your group? Did you just finish categorizing your entire house? Sounds like a Monica to us! Your energetic personality translates to one of Monica’s favourite colours – Red. And being a practical person, one-pieces are your summer go-to. They pair well with denim shorts as a bodysuit, and clean square necklines speak to your slightly OCD soul.

Monica’s Swim Style Pick


Princess Consuela is a bohemian, so if you’re free-spirited, quirky, and artistic, Phoebe is the ‘Friend’ you most likely identify with. You probably already have a closet full of kimonos too! Rusty hues, warm tones, or earthy elements help ground your off-beat personality, but keep things fun this summer with floral prints and unique accessories. Phoebe’s loves to mix it up!

Phoebe’s Swim Style Pick