The Swimco Scoop, Vol. 06: Memories

The Swimco Scoop, Vol. 06: Memories

A new month, and a new volume of the Swimco Scoop to keep you up to date on all thing’s Swimco.

In this month’s volume of the Swimco Scoop, we have the newest tale in our series Changeroom Stories from Calgary’s assistant manager, Cara. We’ll also chat about #ShowYourSwimco and updates on your Spring Break getaway.


A changeroom story from Cara, Calgary Assistant Manager

I had a gentleman call the store needing some help finding swimwear for his 93-year-old mother in Calgary, he explained to me his mom lives in a nursing home that has a pool located in the building and she was in need of a suit suitable to be in worn in a chlorine pool. I told him we had all kinds of polyester suits that would be exactly what she was looking for.
My conversation with the customer lasted about ten minutes, he explained to me that his mom has just recently lost a bunch of weight and was probably sitting at about 95lbs and just over 5 feet tall. I felt confident we would find something for her if he brought her in.
A couple hours later the customer was able to bring his mother into our Calgary store in Willow Park Village. His mother was confident that she was a size 12 but looking at her the gentleman and I both knew she wasn’t a size 12- more like a size 4-6. Once my customers arrived at the store the customer explained to me that his mother was blind and this might be a difficult situation to try to fit her properly. I asked his mother all the questions I could think of trying to help her find a suit that she would be comfortable in, but all she cared about was if the suit had blue in it. At this time the gentleman had to take a call out of the store and asked if I would be okay to help his mother in the change room, of course I said I will take good care of her.
So, we picked out a couple suits that had blue in it and headed to the change room. I asked her if it would be okay if I helped her with getting the suit on and she was over the moon that I didn’t mind to give her that kind of assistance. After the second suit we tried she loved how it felt and was feeling like that was the suit she wanted.
While we worked together for about half an hour and she told me stories about all her kids, all the vacations they have taken, and how swimming makes her feel young again and how all of those memories of her younger days with her kids came rushing back to her every time she was in the pool. She even explained how some of her great grandkids would come swimming with her and she would just listen to them laughing and screaming with excitement like her kids did when they were little.
She was such a sweet lady and the conversation and connection we had I will always hold dear to my heart. Having kids of my own made me realize there is so much more to life than I could even begin to imagine.”


Congratulations to February's #ShowYourSwimco winner, @randameg!

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Spring Break

With Spring Break just around the corner, it is the perfect opportunity to take your family and jet off to warmer weather. With options for women, men, and kids make Swimco your one-stop-shop for all things vacation. Remember that sunscreen!


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Have a great March and stay tuned for another volume of the Swimco Scoop!