The Swimco Scoop, Vol 11

The Swimco Scoop, Vol 11

A new month, and a new volume of the Swimco Scoop to keep you up to date on all thing’s Swimco.

In this month’s volume of the Swimco Scoop, we have the newest tale in our series Changeroom Stories. We’ll also chat about #ShowYourSwimco and announce our July winner.

Customer Stories

A changeroom story from Jessica, Willow Park Village Fit Expert.

“I was working my regular Monday morning shift when a woman walked in. She looked a little nervous and uncertain. I approached her and asked how her morning was going. She said it was good but she just wanted to take a look around. I let her know if she needed me to come grab me but I’d be back around to check on her.

After a bit of time, I checked in and asked if there was anything I could help her with. She let me know that she needed a new swimsuit for vacation but it was her first time in Swimco and she was feeling a bit nervous. I assured her that I was here to help, and she has nothing to worry about.

We chatted for a bit about what she was looking for in a swimsuit and I pulled a few suits I thought would be great for her and she hopped into a change room. Once my customer was in the change room her confidence soared. She loved what she was trying on and was so excited to find pieces she felt secure in.

I worked with her personally for just over an hour until she narrowed down her choices to her absolute favourites. At checkout she told me she never expected to receive such a personalized experience or to find bathing suits that made her feel that good. Once we were done at check out and she was ready to head out she asked if she could give me a hug. It was the most genuine and heartfelt hug and thank you I’ve ever received from someone. It was so wonderful to know I made that customers day!”


Congratulations to July's #ShowYourSwimco winner, @rhea_fre!

Whether you’re on white sandy beaches, swimming lanes at your local pool, or cozying up at a bonfire, we want to see you put your Swimco gear to good use! Snap a picture in your Swimco items and tag us with the hashtag #ShowYourSwimco for the chance to be next month’s winner of a $100 gift card. Click here for all the details. 


On June 1st Swimco expanded into Vancouver and opened our newest location in Park Royal Shopping Centre. We want to thank all of our loyal customers who joined us on our Grand Opening and everyday since then. We love being back in B.C. and are looking forward to growing our community. 

Are you looking for great swimwear options but prefer to shop in person? Remember to check out our Calgary Swimco location in Willow Park Village and our Edmonton Swimco location in South Edmonton Common!

Have a great August and stay tuned for another volume of the Swimco Scoop!