The Swimco Scoop, Vol. 05: Postpartum

The Swimco Scoop, Vol. 05: Postpartum

A new month, and a new volume of the Swimco Scoop to keep you up to date on all thing’s Swimco.

In this month’s volume of the Swimco Scoop, we have the newest tale in our series Changeroom Stories from Calgary’s assistant manager, Cara. We’ll also chat about #ShowYourSwimco and updates on your Family Day Long Weekend getaway.


A changeroom story from Cara, Calgary Assistant Manager

“I had a customer come in just before Christmas because her husband surprised her with a trip to Maui with their twin daughters and their six-month-old son. She was over the moon excited to be going on this trip with just her family, this was something they have never done before as a family of five. However, the customer felt defeated because she struggled with postpartum depression after having her son and she felt like she wouldn’t be able to find something that still made her look sexy and fun, instead of just a one piece that covered her all up so you wouldn’t see her stretch marks. I explained to her that I had stretch marks as well so I understood where she was coming from but her stretch marks were nothing to worry about and that she earned her stripes. I began pulling suits for her that I felt would make her feel good about herself, something that covered her just the right amount and still showed just enough skin that she would feel good about being in a one piece. My customer tried on many different styles, colors, and coverage and fell in love with the brand Azura almost immediately and was surprised how good she felt and looked in a one piece. My customer told me that she was upset that she would never be comfortable again in a two piece because of the changes her body went through after three children, I explained to her that we have a ton of different styles of two pieces, we can do a high rise bikini bottom or a tankini top, she didn’t realize that we had high rise bottoms and decided it was time to try one out. After trying a few different options in a two piece she felt so much more confident in herself. My customer shared with me that this was one of the best swimsuit shopping experiences she has ever had, she felt like we made it easier on her and she didn’t feel overwhelmed with the experience, she gave me a huge hug and thanked me for making her still feel beautiful in a one piece and a bikini. It makes me so happy to be able to share these types of experiences with our customers.”


Congratulations to January’s #ShowYourSwimco winner, @littlebitzduarte!

Whether you’re on white sandy beaches, swimming lanes at your local pool, or cozying up at a bonfire, we want to see you put your Swimco gear to good use! Snap a picture in your Swimco items and tag us with the hashtag #ShowYourSwimco for the chance to be next month’s winner of a $100 gift card. Click here for all the details.

Family Day Long Weekend

Are you looking for a break from the cold? Well, Family Day Long Weekend is just around the corner and it is the perfect opportunity to take your family and jet off to warmer weather. With options for every member of the family make Swimco your one-stop-shop for all things Family Day! To guarantee your order arrives by February 15th, place your orders by 2pm MST on Friday, February 3rd.

Have a great February and stay tuned for another volume of the Swimco Scoop!