Swimwear for Moms-to-Be: Maternity Options in Every Style

Swimwear for Moms-to-Be: Maternity Options in Every Style

Pregnancy is a beautiful and transformative journey in a woman's life, and there's no reason for it to put a pause on enjoying activities like swimming. In fact, swimming can be an excellent way for pregnant women to stay active, relieve discomfort, and relax. When it comes to choosing the right bathing suit during pregnancy, comfort, support, and style are key factors to consider. Let’s explore the various types of swimwear that are best suited for moms-to-be, allowing them to embrace the pool or beach with confidence.

Tops with Adjustable Straps:

Tankini tops are a fantastic choice for pregnant women when they have adjustable straps and a loose-fitting design. The adjustable straps provide ample support for a growing bust and changing body shape, while the longer length offers coverage and comfort. Many tankini tops also feature ruching or gathering on the sides, accommodating a growing belly while ensuring a flattering fit. For bikini tops a mom-to-be is pretty much set to wear any style she likes. Adjustable straps will help provide support with a changing bust size but no need to worry about how the tummy fits in a bikini top!

One Piece Swimsuits:

One piece bathing suits have come a long way in terms of style and design. Look for options that offer extra stretch, adjustable straps, open backs, and ruching to accommodate your changing body. A high neckline can provide additional bust support, while a built-in shelf bra or soft cups can help you feel more secure. One piece bathing suits also offer great coverage and can help you feel confident and stylish.


If you're comfortable flaunting your baby bump, a low rise bottom that sits below your belly is a great option. You can also opt for tie side bottoms to allow for growth and your changing body. If you’d like a bit more coverage look for bottoms with a rolltop that will sit comfortable on the belly.

Swim Dresses:

Swim dresses are a popular choice among pregnant women who prefer a little extra coverage. These dresses combine the elegance of a dress with the functionality of swimwear. Look for options with empire waists or adjustable ties that allow you to customize the fit around your bust and belly. Swim dresses often feature flared or A-line skirts that provide comfort and freedom of movement.

Cover Ups:

Pairing your chosen swimwear with a stylish cover up not only adds an extra layer of protection from the sun but also enhances your overall beach or poolside look. Lightweight cover ups in breathable fabrics, like cotton or chiffon, can keep you feeling comfortable and confident while enjoying your time in the water or lounging by the pool.

Pregnancy shouldn't deter you from enjoying the pleasures of swimming and lounging by the water. When selecting swimwear during this special time, prioritize comfort, support, and style. Whether you opt for a tankini, one piece, bikini, swimdress, or a combination, remember that the key is to choose a new bathing suit that makes you feel confident and allows you to embrace the beauty of your changing body. By making mindful choices, you can enjoy every moment of your pregnancy while looking and feeling amazing in your swimwear.