Suit Up For Spring Break!

Suit Up For Spring Break!

Planning a spring break escape, romantic getaway, or long weekend jaunt to warmer climes? Well, first off, we’re so excited for you! The anticipation before an amazing trip is our favourite feeling, alongside filling a suitcase to the brim with new swimwear. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the latest trends & must-have pieces, plus the best beach bag basics to take along with you.

Spring might still be around the corner where we are in Canada, but the signs of the season are definitely here. The top colour trend heading into spring and summer is warm hues. Think crimson, coral, fuschia & blush. Amp up the saturation to suit your personality or enhance your skintone. That winter pale that we are all dealing with is banished when you pop on a bright coral shade!

Bold florals or kitsch prints, like adorable flamingos, are also on our fashion radar. Traditional flower and botanical prints have been blown up to dramatic proportions to really make a statement. Combine the trends for a real standout look, or pair these prints back to black for a different take.


Get the goods for the guys in your life too. The same vacation style trends apply for him, like warm tones of reds & coral, but grounded with the classic colours he loves. What guy doesn’t have a staple set of grey or blue shorts? Actually, let’s upgrade those too – the newer silhouette is all about shorter lengths in both walkshort hybrids and volleys (swim trunks).


Now that we have the shorts covered, help him get outfitted for every day of a vacation with collared shirts to instantly elevate his look, tanks for relaxed outings. Again, rusty reds and deep corals are an easy way to show some style without adding an extra piece to a look. Prints, like in womenswear, are another huge trend for men. Micro prints on shorts and shirts are the easiest to wear, but new takes on Hawaiian shirts or bold graphics are perfect for guys with big personalities. Daring dudes, mix prints on top and bottom, just play with proportions!


Now that you’ve got some great swimwear for yourself and any other ladies or lads on your list, it’s time for the final touches to top those great swim pieces. We’ve fallen head over heels for these kimonos, cover ups, and surf shirts. For easy “throw on and go” glamour, a chiffon kimono is an easy bet for women. It’s like the collared shirts for guys – toss one on and you instantly look more put together. Surf shirts for men and women are a must for any sunny trip. They have built-in UV protection to block the burn (though still sunscreen up on your other bits!), while looking and feeling like a favourite tee.



Accessories are the icing on the cake, especially this season where extra attention is being paid to creating styles that could steal the show on their own! Some examples for men are the latest two-pack of men’s underwear with a pair featuring hilarious emoji prints and a neon ombré cap. For women, inject some fun into your trip with pineapples on EVERYTHING! We’re obsessed too, don’t worry. Add a straw hat in your favourite style, from fedoras to wide brim beach hats, and you’ve completed your dream suitcase for your upcoming sweet escape.