Shop Your Shape

Shop Your Shape

We love your body, which is why we want to make sure it gets suited up properly. Every body has its own unique shape, and just like in clothing, there are some tried and true guidelines for different figures. But defining your body shape is only a starting point; the fit and feel of your new suit is the key to finding your one true love. Remember: rules are meant to be broken!

If you love something that’s a little “out there” for your shape but you rock that suit, no one will ever question your confidence!

If you still need a good place to start looking at swimwear, then it’s time for a pop quiz! Let’s find out what your body type is closest too, and when in doubt, you can always chat with one of our Fit Experts!


Shine bright, girl! You have evenly proportioned shoulders and hips with a wider midsection. Diamonds can often have a larger cup size as well, so be sure to find D cup and up swimwear to support your bust. If you’re looking to really cinch in your waistline, a one piece can’t be beat. Wrap styles and high waisted bottoms help highlight those curves! You can also wear flowing tops for a feminine and romantic look that draws attention to your slimmer arms and legs. Go sleek and minimal with rich solid colours, or add details and patterns around your shoulders and neckline to balance out your frame.

Celeb Diamonds: Rebel Wilson, Melissa McCarthy


Your top and bottom halves are evenly balanced with a very defined waistline. Showcase your curves and avoid anything too bulky that might hide your figure. If you have a D cup and up bra size, be sure to support those girls. You can play up your shape in retro styles (think Marilyn Munroe) and high waisted bottoms highlight your tiny waist. One pieces also look great on hourglass figures!

Celeb Hourglasses: Scarlett Johansson, Ashley Graham


You’re evenly proportioned from top to bottom, without a defined waist. Your shape can look willowy or athletic. Create the illusion of curves where you want them in swimwear with feminine details around your hips or along your bust line. Flutter tops and bottoms that sit straight across your hips help to balance your top and bottom halves while giving you the illusion of a narrower waist. And, lucky you, rectangle gals can wear daring statement tops, bold prints and lots of colour with ease.

Celeb Rectangles: Jennifer Aniston, Kate Middleton


You have narrower shoulders and hips that don’t lie! You also likely have a defined waistline, so show it off by using colour and details on your top half to draw eyes up. Plunging V necklines look great on triangles. On the bottom, choose the coverage you like. Take a cue from Kylie and try a high leg and cheeky bikini or one piece that shows off and flatters curvy hips. If you prefer more coverage, look for a boyshort bottom in a dark solid colour that will balance with any top.

Celeb Triangles: Jennifer Lopez, Rhianna


You have great shoulders and a narrower waist and hips. This shape can look athletic or voluptuous, depending on how you style yourself! Halter tops flatter strong shoulders and if you have a D cup and up bra size, be sure to find swimwear in the same size for the best fit on your frame. Play with colour and ruffles on your lower half to balance out your top, or try Brazilian cut bikini bottoms to round out your booty. Colour blocking or stripes look great on inverted triangles.

Celeb Inverted Triangles: Chrissy Teigen, Demi Lovato