She Walks The Walk

She Walks The Walk

When you think of Swimco, think of family. It’s in how we treat each other, how our customers feel when they walk into stores, and what our company is based on. It was passed on from a mother, Corinne Forseth, to her daughter, Lori Bacon, her son, Steve Forseth, and son-in-law, Dave Bacon, to continue the tradition of helping everybody- and every body- feel good half naked. The legacy lives on, and this year we wanted to hear from Brett Bacon, Lori and Dave’s son, on what Swimco and his mom mean to him.

Just like some of the best things in life, Swimco was created by accident. It was started by a mom, for my mom, Lori. When my Grandma, Corinne Forseth, and the rest of our family moved from Edmonton to Calgary in the early 70s my mom had to join a new swim team, which meant she needed a new swimsuit. My Grandma found a black and gold one-piece swimsuit for my mom so she could fit in and feel confident with her new teammates- and the rest is history. The demand grew and grew for more swimsuits for competitions, vacations, surfing, and everything else under the sun. Swimco will always remind me of my Grandma, and for good reason: Swim + Corinne = Swimco.

Over the past 43 years, Swimco has grown into more than my family could have ever imagined. My Grandma retired, and I have grown up seeing my mom, dad, and uncle expand and grow our family business into Canada’s leading swimwear retailer and help people across the country find swimwear that fits their body and that makes them feel like they can live their best life. My mom took the helm as President, and she continues to be a huge role model to me. She always leads by example and she radiates kindness, warmth, and strength to everyone around her. She has a genuine drive to help friends, co-workers, and our customers feel their best and experience life to the fullest. She lives with purpose and is an incredible leader to Swimco and our family. When it comes to Lori, she doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk.

I feel so lucky to work next to her and my dad every day. The memories we have built as a family in our swimwear (“product testing”) are unforgettable and I love that we will continue to keep making them together. I’m grateful that I get to look up to such an amazing mom, a successful businesswoman, and an incredible role model.

Love you, Mom xoxo.