Salute To My Mom

Salute To My Mom

As you know Mother’s Day is just around the corner. It’s a time to stop and recognize the amazing person that had such a huge impact on our lives; our Moms.

May is also the month in which Swimco celebrates its birthday! My amazing Mom started Swimco in our basement in Calgary in the early ‘70s, as a hobby. Her concern for me not matching my teammates on the South Y Barracudas swim team, prompted her to search out that little black and gold striped suit (100% nylon, little front modesty panel!) so that I would look like I belonged. She found one for me, then for others as she became the team’s equipment manager and then eventually incorporated her little business in May of 1975; 42 years ago this month.

My Mom is an amazing woman. She was an entrepreneur before the word was commonly used. She worked long hours, helping other parents get team suits for their kids and also delivering swimwear to lifeguards and instructors in the city pools. Through word of mouth Swimco became a mail-order team dealer shipping suits across the country, continuing to make friends one customer at a time.

So the business grew, and eventually she branched into fashion swimwear. You can see in the photo above that she started bringing fun, on-trend styles into the mix (just look at those amazing ’80s pieces!), and her vision helped guide Swimco’s growth. It’s what evolved our company from a team dealer to Canada’s leading swimwear retailer.

She’s smart, hardworking, humble and extremely caring. Some of her first customers are still very close friends. Although she hasn’t been actively involved in the company for many years, when we visit one of our stores together she still has a keen eye for what the customer needs. She has a gift.

So this is my salute to my Mom. Little did you know when you started out so long ago that millions of people would be helped by your little company that would grow to 25 stores from BC to Ontario. Through your care and concern for me all those years ago you created something that is rare in retail, especially today. A place to belong, to be recognized as a new friend and through the process, giving people the confidence to Feel Good Half Naked.

I love you Mom.