Jamie Evans


Meet Jamie (@jamie_d_evans)

Fitness Fiend | Sunshine Giver | Fun Haver

Calgary, AB

How would your best friend describe you?

“The most positive, warm person who emanates life and love in everything she does. She’s an eternal optimist with a deep-seated zest for life- best of the best, baby.”

What are your three favourite emojis?

What do you love most about connecting and inspiring your followers?

I try to connect and inspire my followers to live a life full of purpose and passion by posting photos of me pursuing my own.

What do you feel makes your life aspirational?

I think my life aspirational because I genuinely find joy and happiness in doing what I’m doing. I live a life with balance; exploring, adventure, trying new things and connecting with my friends and family in moments and places that excite me. I also follow my passions for things like travel and fitness. A balance of work and play allows me to live a life I really truly do love.

Favourite swimsuit style?


What does being a #swimsuitmodel mean to you? Why did you decide to be part of this campaign?

I seriously stand behind, and love, the values the whole #swimsuitmodel campaign is built upon. I align so strongly with Swimco’s brand and the way it is changing body culture in the media. I think it’s empowering, powerful and important. Body issues have and will always be a thing, but with the help of brands like Swimco who are getting real, honest, and teaching us to embrace our imperfections and what makes us unique, we can start to change some of the unrealistic standards of beauty that leave us being so hard on ourselves.

What makes a body beautiful?

Everything. I think everything about our bodies is beautiful- everything from our ability to move, to breathe, to take us places. Our body’s ability to bring in life, to carry life, to create life. To walk, to take part in activities and moments. To be present, to connect. I think the fact that not one body is the same, is beautiful. Everything from freckles, stretch marks, birth marks, scars, muscles, cellulite, bruises. It’s all beautiful and it tells a story as to who we are and what we’ve been through.

What makes you happy in one word?


What makes you feel confident?

I feel most confident when I’m surrounded by people I love, doing things I love. Where I can completely and totally be myself and be proud of who I am.

If you could say one thing to someone who needs a confidence boost, what would it be?

Don’t allow your ego to hold you back or sacrifice yourself from genuine experiences and precious moments that you will hold with you forever, in fear of someone else’s judgement in that moment. Don’t forget to look at the big picture. Remember what’s really important. Remember what it is you’re really going to take with you in this life.