Cameron Hilts


Meet Cameron (@camhilts)

Good Vibes Activist | Athletic | Thankful

North Vancouver, BC

How would your best friend describe you?

My friend Connor said I’m the “chill guy with too much energy but always down for fun.”

What are your three favourite emojis?

What do you love most about connecting and inspiring your followers?

I like sharing my moments because they’re always organic and candid. It’s always real. Real people, emotions, and memories.

What do you feel makes your life aspirational?

I wouldn’t say my life is aspirational. I’m just a regular dude trying to live life to the fullest with my friends. I just so happen to carry a camera with me and use these photos as my own memory book.

Favourite swimsuit style?

Boardshorts with a shorter hem

What does being a #swimsuitmodel mean to you? Why did you decide to be part of this campaign?

I took part in this because I love that Swimco wants to use regular guys like myself to showcase their brands- not models that are airbrushed and fixed up. We’re all just real people having fun.

What makes a body beautiful?

Confidence. Own it.

What makes you happy in one word?


What makes you feel confident?

I always try and make everything fun. Laughing and enjoying the moment you’re in.

If you could say one thing to someone who needs a confidence boost, what would it be?

Be proud of who you are.