Meet Our #SwimsuitModel - Brennan Badgley

Meet Our #SwimsuitModel - Brennan Badgley

Meet Brennan Badgley (@brenbadgley). Technology consultant from Calgary and #swimsuitmodel.

What are your hobbies, interests?

I love being outdoors- exploring new places with my skis or my camera. Skiing has become a big part of my life over the past three years, and it has been a great opportunity to explore new areas, connect with new friends, and experience new feelings. I am constantly chasing a fresh powder day. I also love learning about new technology and how to use it in my everyday life. I graduated with a degree in statistics and it has allowed me to take my passion for numbers and technology and turn it into a career. I try to incorporate it into my life as much as possible while still trying not to be “glued to the screen.” This also translates into my love for photography. I’ve never been considered much of the creative type and never took the opportunity to explore it, however photography has allowed me to unlock some talents and interests I never knew I had! Health and fitness are also a huge part of my life. I continue to be active every day, and I play a number of sports including, hockey, softball, and golf. When I’m not playing sports, I spend time in the gym or practicing yoga, and I love spending Friday afternoons with my friends!

How would describe yourself?

I’m a little bit of everything. I love exploring new places and being disconnected from the city, but I also work hard to be successful in my career, my health and fitness, and I also try and be creative by using my camera to capture moments and experiences.

What are three personality traits you identify with?

Outgoing, personable, friendly.

What are three words your best friend or partner would use to describe you?

Easy going, kind, thoughtful.

What do you want people to know about you?

I would like people to know that everyone has struggles, including me. I’ve struggled with my confidence and my insecurities for a very long time. I’ve worked hard to learn and appreciate myself. The word ‘genuine’ is very important to be. Being genuine to yourself and to others around you has truly made me happy.

What are you hoping to achieve with your social media following and with your relationships to your followers?

I’m hoping to inspire people to strive for balance and happiness in life. I see people get so caught up in one specific thing or try to paint this perfect picture of a happy life when in fact, deep down, they might be struggling inside. I strongly believe that if you are genuine to yourself and the people around you, you’ll be a lot happier than trying to be something that you are not.

How do you hope to connect with, touch, or inspire the people that follow you?

I hope to connect with, and inspire, the people that follow me to show that balance in life is important. I see so many campaigns that target audiences – fitness, beauty, travel, etc. I’d like to be part of a campaign that expresses balance. I love Swimco’s campaign that every can be a #swimsuitmodel. I really believe that you can have it all if you are true to yourself.

We selected you for this campaign because we believe your life is aspirational. What do you feel makes your life aspirational? Why did you decide to participate in this campaign?

I don’t believe that I am super aspirational- I feel like a regular guy. If I were to say anything, it would be that I can maintain a very tough, time consuming career while still making time to explore, be creative, and spend time with family and friends. I could work all day, every day, but I choose not to; that isn’t what truly makes me happy. A lot of other things make me happy, so I choose to make those just as important- it’s all about balance.

What did you enjoy most about working with us on this campaign?

My favourite part was the people and the connections I made. The team was amazing and it was a breath of fresh air. Everyone was so engaged, committed, hardworking, and yet relaxed and easy going. It was truly an amazing team.

Did you discover anything about yourself?

I love collaborating with other people. I loved watching the photographers, videographers, and other models do their work and learn from it on the spot. If I had to do that by myself, I would have been lost! Instead, we all talked about what we were doing and how we wanted to do it, and it was very inspiring

If you could say one thing to someone who may not be confident with their body, what would it be?

I would say: “What would make you happy and confident in your body?”
They would answer and then I would say:
“Well, let’s go do it! Anything is possible if it makes you happy.”

Anything else?

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Not only does this campaign reach the masses, but it reached me. From a kid who has battled with depression, insecurities, and bullying over many years, I have worked so hard to get to where I am. Working with Swimco was the icing on the cake. I want to tell my story one day, because if it reaches 1 person, it will be worth it. I hope that this is the start of my storytelling. I learned a lot about myself and others during this campaign and it was an amazing experience. Being there with my better half, Jade, and watching the smile on her face truly hit me. I want everyone to smile like that and I want everyone to look at their loved one with such happiness. I believe this campaign has only just begun and has the potential to really push the limits about how people see themselves. I am so happy to be a part of it.

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