Happy Mother’s Day

Got it from my Mama

At Swimco, #bossbabe moms are the heart of our family. We were founded by a mom who wanted her daughter to feel confident in her swimsuit- and that love still flows through our company today. Our Swimco family is still a family- we’re led by our CEO Lori, the daughter of our founder, Corinne Forseth, Lori’s brother, Steve, and her husband, Dave. Now with a team of over 260 people, Swimco has been inspiring confidence for over 40 years. This year, we heard from Brett, Lori’s son and Culture Curator at Swimco, about how his mom has inspired him to be confident in himself.

Brett and Lori

What does ‘Feel Good Half Naked’ mean? At Swimco, we believe that if you can feel confident wearing a swimsuit, then you can be confident in every other facet of your life. I was lucky enough to grown up in a home with a supportive family who always made me feel like I could do anything- I could be confident in my true self. When you have that kind of love behind you, the smaller things in life start to matter less; what colour shirt you’re wearing to school, whether your date says ‘yes’ to the school dance or whether you make the team. I was given the confidence to travel, to follow my passion and grow into the person I am today. Confidence lets you focus on what truly matters, and it gives you the clarity to reach your goals, even when they seem too daunting or out of reach.

This gift that my family gave me is something I give to everyone in our Swimco family. I’m their biggest cheerleader and the one who’s ready to pick them up when they need a boost. Our Swimco family gets bigger by the day, and it’s my job- and my privilege- to start the chain and inspire confidence in every one of them.
My mom is the definition of confident. She is always the person who inspires it in me, and she spreads it to those around her. She has never followed a ‘normal’ path in life- she takes risks and seeks out new challenges, all with a smile on her face and an infectious laugh. Whether we’re working together at the office, or at Sunday night family dinner, she makes every moment brighter and more exciting. I think this is her secret to success with Swimco and at home- she leads by example. She shows us all that being confidence in yourself is the first step to letting go and living life to the fullest. I’m proud to say I got it from my mama.

Thanks for inspiring confidence, happiness and love in me every day, Mom.

Love, Brett