Find Your Perfect Goggles

Find Your Perfect Goggles

Pool or outdoors, masks or smaller goggles? There are a lot of things to consider when looking for the perfect pair of goggles for your activities. Good thing at Swimco we’re the Fit Experts! With a wide assortment of goggles to fit every face, swim style, and unique need, we’re ready to help you get into the water.

Tips For Finding Goggles:

1. Know the activity you’re planning to do in the goggles. Mask type goggles provide a larger surface area for a seal and more comfort, but won’t work for speedy lane swims. They’re better suited to recreational use. While goggles with smaller eye cups provide a low profile for less drag, staying more secure when fit correctly. Also, if you’re lane swimming, you might only need to see ahead of you, but field of vision in goggles is really important if you’re out in the open water.

2.Try them on! Each style of goggle will fit certain face shapes better than others. For example, the Aqua Lung Kaiman Goggles are good for a medium to large sized face, while the Aqua Sphere Mako Goggles are usually better for smaller faces or kids transitioning from their junior goggles up to adult sizes. Getting the wrong fit will result in leaking.

3. Get a serious seal. Goggles should seal to your face without the straps – seriously! One of our Fit Experts had her strap break on her on vacation and she didn’t realize until she was back on land. That’s the power of a proper fit! When trying on the goggles, press them to your face until you feel light suction and then they should stay on for at least a few second before falling off.

4. Customize! Whether it’s a prescription (the Speedo Vanquisher Goggles are available with prescription negative diopters), tints like dark grey or mirrored lenses for bright environments, blue for in pools, or adjustable nose pieces, you can customize the type of goggle to your unique needs.

5. Take care of your goggles! Once you’ve found a great fit, take care to maintain your goggles for many swims to come. All goggles come with anti-fog coating, so to extend the life of the coating, avoid touching the inside of the lenses. And no spitting! The best way to prevent fogging is to simply put the goggles on and try not to fuss with them. If your goggles have been well-worn, Speedo’s Anti-Fog Solution is a great. And to prevent scratches in your gym bag, we recommend keeping goggles in a ventilated goggle case

Want some hands-on expert advice? Visit us in store for a custom goggle fitting experience! Our trained Fit Experts are seasoned in finding the perfect goggles for our customers. We’ve been helping Canadians with goggles and swimwear for over 40 years after all.

So what are you waiting for? It’s back to pool season – let’s dive in!