Feel Good Workouts: Barre

Feel Good Workouts: Barre

We had Jaimie from Barre Body Studio (BBS) in Calgary stop by to chat with us about taking time away from your busy summer schedule and getting in some ‘self care’ time with a workout!

We know how tough it can be to make time to exercise, and this only gets harder as the weather gets nicer. We talk a lot about self-care at the studio and how important it is to prioritize yourself and your mental/physical well-being. For many of us, that means scheduling an hour for ourselves and getting our sweat on. It’s amazing what an hour of any type of exercise can do! If we’re not taking care of ourselves, how can we expect to be able to take care of others?

Trying to find the right workout for you? I’d suggest making the most of your time with a ‘total body workout’ that is low impact to protect your joints. Above all else, it needs to be FUN too. I’m biased, but I think barre at BBS ticks all of these boxes because we blend Pilates, yoga and ballet so you start to see increased flexibility, improved posture, and weight loss among other benefits after a few weeks.

If you haven’t tried barre yet, you should – it’s for everyone! We get asked all the time if you need to be a dancer to do barre and the answer is quite simply, NO. At BBS we practice a fitness-based approach to barre, as opposed to a dance-based approach, so anyone and everyone can do barre and reap the benefits of it. Our goal at BBS is to welcome everyone that walks through our doors, provide an atmosphere that empowers and comforts and deliver a booty-burning, leg-shaking sweat sesh. Everyone has different goals when it comes to their fitness journey, but we promise that you will leave feeling better than you did when you came in.

Jaimie’s Swimwear Picks for Summer!

Left, Ella Moss Plunge One Piece. Centre, Vitamin A Cloud Break Bikini. Right, Kenneth Cole Reaction Garden Groove Bikini.

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