Feel Good Profile: Aditi Loveridge

Feel Good Profile: Aditi Loveridge

Meet Aditi of @pregnancylosshealing. This fierce mama is the founder of The Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Centre. She inspires us with her drive to spread kindness and understanding and helping people feel good in her community and beyond.

“I am a mother of two angel babies and one earth. As a woman of colour, experiencing pregnancy loss and living with a chronic illness, I have had a long relationship with my body, grief and loss. I have done lots of healing and now I work professionally as a coach supporting other people who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss. I have also founded a charity here in Calgary, The Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Centre. Our Centre provides comprehensive and inclusive support offerings at all stages of loss. We are also dedicated to diversity as we wish to create awareness about the intersections of trauma when marginalized communities experience loss.”


What is your favourite swimsuit and why?

My favourite swimsuit is a tankini with a loose top with a plunging neckline. I like this suit because it makes me feel sexy while embracing my body as a mom.


What’s your favourite thing you’ve done or seen in your swimsuit?

My favourite thing I have seen in my swimsuit is watching my dad (who has been my biggest mentor throughout my life) play with my child in the ocean in Mexico. After experiencing loss we weren’t sure if this would ever be a possibility. That moment was so pure, joyous and breathtaking. It is one I will cherish forever.


What is one part of your body that you love?

I love my eyes and my hair.


What makes you feel confident?

Bright lips, fun coloured hair and big earrings- and walking or moving my body.


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What are you most proud of in your life?

I am the proudest of how I have been able to turn pain into purpose and how I have been able to use my experience to help others. I am really proud of the charity I have founded, where I can provide a space for people to find healing in their own way and on their own terms.


If there was something you could tell your 13-year-old self, what would it be?

You are different and that’s ok. Your voice matters. Your experience matters. YOU matter.


What makes you happy in one word?

My child.


What is one place on your bucket list?



What makes you feel good?

Eating a delicious meal and then snuggling under blankets with my partner and my child. Laughing until my stomach hurts. Spending time with my whole family.


What have you learned from your mom and children?

I have learned from both my mom and my living child that we weren’t born to fit in. That our differences are our superpowers.


What defines a confident woman?

A confident woman is one who knows she isn’t perfect but she meets herself every day with grace and curiosity. She is a woman who makes space for connection with herself and knows it’s what she holds internally that has the most value.


What is your most perfect imperfection?

My rounder, stretch-marked, and burnt (from hot water bottle) belly. It has held three children in love and I am forever grateful for it.


What is your motto in life?

“That hurt we embrace becomes joy. Call it to your arms where it can change.” – Rumi


What do you appreciate the most about your girlfriends?

That they are always there with no judgement. They have seen me through many of life’s transitions and we have gotten closer because of it. Oh and we can laugh despite it all!


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What song would make you sing out loud in the shower/car?

Anything- Bruno Mars


What career advice do you want to share with women?

If your dream job doesn’t exist- create it. Think outside the box and let your purpose drive you.


Share your most valuable travel hack.

Always pack your swimsuit in your carry on in case your luggage gets lost. You can still head to the beach feeling good!


What makes you a badass?

I am an advocate. For the loss community, for diverse ethnic communities and for the LGBTQ community. Advocacy is at the core of who I am.