Earth Day

Earth Day

What can you do?

April 22nd is Earth Day and many of us often wonder… “what can I do?” I often reflect on what I’m doing to make our Earth a better place to live and wonder if I’m doing enough. Am I making an impact? By recycling this one item will I make a difference? The answer is a resounding… YES! And it’s always YES! Each one of us can be an agent of change every single day if we just stop and pay attention to what we’re doing.

So exactly what can YOU do to be an ambassador of change? What can you do to positively impact our planet?

Swimco has teamed up with one of our favorite swimwear designers, Maaji, for Earth Day 2017. Maaji is committed to the preservation of our Oceans and Seas, which have been an endless source of inspiration for their collections. That’s why we love them! Each swimsuit is like a piece of art inspired by this earth and by rocking one of these amazing designs, you get to give back. Maaji is “Planting an Ocean of Tree’s” to give back to the planet. So far, over 90,000 trees have been planted in Columbia to protect watersheds in areas with high water potential that have been hit by violence. We want all of you to join this movement. You can become an “Earth Warrior”. Earth Warriors know that good planets are hard to find and we need to find ways to give back to it.

You… truly can impact this Earth. If all 7 billion of us do one tiny thing each day to positively impact our Earth, we can preserve its beauty for lifetime’s to come.

Here’s some ideas on how you can be an #EarthWarrior:

– Completely turn off electronic equipment in your home when you’re not using it.

– Choose energy efficient appliances and light bulbs.

– Save water: some simple steps can go a long way, like turning off the tap when you are brushing your teeth. Try to collect the water used to wash vegetables to water your houseplants.

– Lower your shades or close your curtains on hot days to keep your house cool and reduce the need for fans or A/C.

– Let clothes dry naturally.

– Keep lids on pans when cooking to conserve energy.

– Collect rainwater to water your garden.

– Water early in the morning or late in the evening to reduce water loss due to evaporation.

– Make your garden lively – plant trees and shrubs that will attract birds.

– Put waste to work in your garden – sweep the fallen leaves and flowers into flowerbeds and shrubs.

– Use organic and environmentally friendly products in your home and in your garden.

– Buy only non-endangered species of fish, or local fish

– Bring your own bags to the grocery store.

– Look for products that have less packaging.

– Print from your printer on both sides of the paper.

– Turn off computer monitors, printers and other equipment when you are done for the day.

– Go on vacation during off-peak periods to prevent over-straining resources – and you’ll avoid the crowds!

– Research places before you visit them to ensure you aren’t visiting an environmentally sensitive area.

– Dispose of your garbage and recycling responsibly. Every little bit helps.

– Use public transportation, walk, or ride your bike.

– Share magazines with friends, family, or even your doctor or dentist for their waiting rooms.

– Give unwanted clothes, toys and books to charity.

– Store food and other products in containers rather than foil and plastic wrap.

See? It’s so easy to give back! Even if you did one of these things once a day for a year… just imagine the impact. You can make a difference! Become an #EarthWarrior.