Bianca’s Beach Wedding - Swimco’s Globetrotters

Bianca’s Beach Wedding - Swimco’s Globetrotters

Our lovely Fit Expert Bianca, from our location in London, Ontario, shares her fantastic beach wedding experience with us!

When we first decided to tie the knot, we felt there was no better way to celebrate our love than to go away on a relaxing, stress-free destination wedding! A wedding and a vacation all in one? Who could resist! We decided on a beautiful family friendly resort called Occidental Caribe in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. This was our first time in Punta Cana and we weren’t too sure what to expect considering we only ever travel to Varadero, Cuba.

My favorite moment of this trip was, well, THE WEDDING. I was on the beautiful beach at sunset, and believe me, this beach is an absolute must-see. The next day we had the opportunity to get all dressed up and go for an ‘after’ shoot at a secluded beach about 30 minutes away. There was an abandoned bright blue house in the background that was quite weathered but it was perfect! This place is amazing – there was music everywhere right on the beach and it made every moment special.

Since we were there for ten days, we fit in quite a few adventures! We were in the city, went on a catamaran, and checked out a cave bar. It was a fantastic time, especially the catamaran, which was four hours of soaking up the sun on a beautiful boat. It was the perfect opportunity to show off my new Nannette Lepore one piece and my Sun ‘N’ Sand ribbon hat. Punta Cana has such a strong sun, I recommend lots of sunscreen. I went through two bottles in one day and almost finished my Sun Bum lip balm by the end of the trip.

All in all, the trip was perfection and I would definitely go back to relive that vacation!