Bellies in Bloom! Swimwear For Moms-To-Be

Bellies in Bloom! Swimwear For Moms-To-Be

Let’s talk bellies! As the weather heats up it’s time for you to take that bump to the beach. Shopping for maternity swimwear is all about flattering your body throughout the stages of pregnancy and making sure your belly is comfortable. Bikinis, tankinis, and one pieces are all fair game!

Choosing bottoms with adjustable coverage, such as a roll down top or tie sides, will help you customize the fit as your baby grows. If your bikini bottoms are digging in or slipping down your bump, then it’s time to find a different fit! When it comes to shopping for tops, you never have to sacrifice support for style. From high neck bikini tops with underwire to flowing tankinis, choose a top that makes you feel confident and sexy. 

To get the inside scoop, we sat down with our friend, Laura, to chat about her growing family, her pregnancy must-haves, and all things swimwear.

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How far along are you?
At this shoot I was at 27 weeks! My due date is June 18th and we’re having a baby girl.

Any crazy cravings?
I am obsessed with slushy drinks! I love Slurpee’s, virgin Bellini’s; anything cold and icy.

Are you taking a babymoon before she arrives?
Not this time, but I would love to go somewhere hot and sunny. I really want to go to Disneyland! I can’t wait to take my son and this little one when she’s old enough.

What does it feel like to wear a swimsuit while you’re pregnant?
It’s different for sure, but not in a bad way. My old suits at home just don’t cut it, but I loved the ones I wore today! It felt really nice to wear swimwear that can fit my pregnant AND post-baby body.

What are you loving about your pregnancy bod?
I LOVE my belly. I was slower to pop with this baby, but now that I have I love to dress up my bump and show it off. All of the support I feel from family and friends during my pregnancies have made me feel really confident and proud of my body. I’ve also been able to slow down and take care of myself which always makes me feel good.

What are your pregnancy must-haves?
Pre-natal massages and my Snoogle!

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This or That!
Bikini or One Piece? One Piece! I love how they make my bump look.
Cook or Order in? Order in. My favourite is Thai food.
Pool or Ocean? Ocean!
Sleep In or Early Bird? Sleep in, for sure!
Sun Hat or Baseball Cap? Baseball Cap.
Sun or Shade? I love both!
Dress or Romper? Dress. They are so flirty and pretty in the summer.

What are three emojis that describe your life right now?

  • The drooling face (I’m always hungry)
  • The tired face
  • The happy face

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