Back To You-  How to Find Your Fitness Swimsuit

Back To You- How to Find Your Fitness Swimsuit

Change is in the air! September is the perfect time of year to get back into routine and take time for self-care. We love to be in the water year round, so when the first leaf falls (or the PSL returns, whichever comes first!) we head back to pool.

Shopping for fitness swimwear is much different than shopping for a new bikini or one piece- fitness swim focuses on a different style of fit and it’s dependent on what you plan to do in the water.

Brandy in the Gabar Island Dot Mastectomy D Cup High Neck One Piece

Aquatic Fitness Swimwear

Are you looking to join a water fitness class? Logging some long hours at the pool? Aquatic fitness suits are for you! These suits are built for comfort and support- they hold you in and give you the confidence to be in the water and know your suit fits and flatters your body. The key to aquatic fitness swimwear is finding a suit for your comfort level. You have lots of options when it comes to leg lines, two piece styles and customized support. Aqua fit swimmers tend to find more comfort in a longer leg line, including boyshort one pieces or unitards for women and jammers or volleys for men. Longer leg lines tend to stay in place and maintain your coverage as you move through the water.

Speedo Relaunch Splice Flyback One Piece

Competition Swimwear

Going for gold or trying to beat your best lane swim time? Competition swimwear is for you! The biggest concern for this style of swim is the level of drag in the water. The golden rule is: less coverage leads to more speed. Swimsuits with high leg lines for both men and women help you to glide through the water and create less resistance. For men, we recommend briefs and for women, we recommend racerback suits with high cut legs. Women can also increase their speed by choosing a suit without cups or a built-in shelf bra so their suit sits closer to the body.

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Lycra vs. Polyester Swimwear

The number one question our Fit Expert team gets asked is: “what fabric will make my swimsuit last the longest?” As we all know, the pool can be tough on swimwear, so choosing a fabric that works for you and your workouts is important. Fashion swimwear is usually made from a blend of nylon and spandex, but fitness swimwear is typically made of a Lycra blend or polyester. Lycra is a very comfortable material with a ton of stretch, making it perfect for that ‘second skin’ fit. Polyester is 100% chlorine resistant and more of a durable fabric for frequent swimmers. All swimsuits that are worn in chlorine or salt water will break down over time and use, but you can prolong and maintain the colour and fit of your pool suit by using a swimsuit cleaner after every swim!

Lyrca: Wear this if you are casual or competition swimmer who likes to keep a few swimsuits on rotation
Polyester: Wear this if you are a frequent swimmer and you spend long periods of time in the water.

Caring For Your Swimsuit

To protect the fit you love, make sure to clean your swimsuit properly.

  • Rinse in fresh water as soon as you’re out of the pool
  • Hang to dry (no dryers please!)
  • Use a swimsuit cleaner to remove damaging chemicals and to help retain the colour and shape of your suit

Fitness Accessories

Your swimsuit is just one piece of your pool look- make sure you have everything you need for a successful swim! Let’s start from head to toe:

  • Wearing a swim cap can help to avoid the harsh effects of chlorine on your hair. If you do choose to swim with your hair in the water, we recommend using a shampoo that will help to eliminate chlorine and chemicals from your hair AND add extra moisture!
  • Say goodbye to leaky goggles! A strong seal with anti-fog and anti-scratch lenses are the key ingredients to a great pair of goggles. Try on lots of styles to find your perfect fit!
  • There is nothing worse than getting water in your ears or up your nose! Play it safe by wearing ear plugs or a nose clip to stay comfortable and to keep water out.

A body that can move is a beautiful thing. Finding your perfectly fitting swimsuit and accessories will help you feel confident and comfortable in the water!