An Epiphany of Body Positivity - Working with Swimco

An Epiphany of Body Positivity - Working with Swimco

Our amazing hair and makeup artist from Kelowna, Bri Stein, had an amazing post to share with us from her blog after working on the Swimco summer shoot. We wanted to share this with all of you as her words are so powerful!

Our gorgeous hair and makeup artist Bri Stein

In spring of 2017 I was absolutely so thrilled to work with Swimco’s team for their print and advertising materials as their makeup and hair artist, and when I was contacted again for 2018 I was even more excited!!!

The first time I worked with this team, it felt like family. They were the most kind, fun, accepting and organized team I’ve worked with to date!!! I was so excited to be a part of the next project with them, and when I received the itinerary and plans for hair and makeup along with photographs of our “models”… to say excited is an understatement.

Kiteen from kiteenscloset in Kelowna for Swimco

@kiteenscloset taken by @ivyandrosephoto

I was so happy to hear that this year the “models” we were working with are not professional models, but social media influencers who embrace body positivity publicly! While I love working with professional models, there is something so liberating about seeing men and women of ALL shapes, sizes and colours gracing the advertisements we have been seeing all over the place! The future of realistic body image is on its way!

Steph from stephanieahn in Kelowna for Swimco

@stephanieahn taken by @ivyandrosephoto

The first of the three day shoot was HOT. I, feeling slightly insecure being next to stunning people decided to wear a full floral pantsuit with matching long cardigan. I was covered head to toe. I was the only one wearing “clothes” as the entire Swimco team sported their ultra-cute bathing suits for the duration of the entire day!!! When Swimco states they embrace every body, they truly do mean it.. And I saw it first hand in their team leading my example exuding confidence, individuality and acceptance as they strutted their stuff half naked. I truly have been inspired by the entire #FEELGOODHALFNAKED motto that Swimco has been screaming from the rooftops!

Solange from stylebysolange in Kelowna for Swimco

@stylebysolange taken by @ivyandrosephoto

The entire day I was amazed at how amazing all of the models looked in the swimsuits! They looked amazing, even with their self-proclaimed insecurities for the world to see, they all looked fantastic. I caught myself complementing our models on things that I myself am insecure with on my own body. I realized these men and women were really not all that different from me. We all had insecurities, we all were people, and we are all human. Something about them standing, posing and moving in front of a group of people consisting of directors, photographer and videographers made me realize that if they have nothing to fear, neither do I. As the day progressed, so did everyone’s confidence…including mine.

Raoul from bhattmaan in Kelowna for Swimco

@bhattmaan taken by @ivyandrosephoto

The next day, feeling so much better about myself I decided to jump out of my comfort zone and wear something that I wouldn’t normally wear due to my insecurities. I wore short sport shorts and a tank top, baring all of my insecure areas (legs and arms). It felt good to not only feel comfortable in what I was wearing, but also not suffer in the heat trying to hide my insecurities. I didn’t feel judged; I didn’t feel any different than anyone else.

Bri Stein in Kelowna for Swimco

Hello to our videographer @commonandcompany

Working with Swimco for a full three days really struck a chord with me. I spend every single day making women feel beautiful and men feel handsome, and for some reason I continued to feel insecure even though I see the beauty in everyone else. I love other people’s “flaws” but do not love my own? I thought to myself “why?” why am I not embracing myself the way I encourage others to embrace themselves? That’s when it all changed for me. Later that week I went to the mall and tried on an armful of clothing that I would NEVER usually try on. I loved all of it, unlike before where I would leave the store discouraged and upset. I bought shorts that were shorter than I’m used to wearing, I bought tank tops.. I bought a romper that hugs my curves instead of drapes over them. And guess what!? I FEEL AMAZING. The fact that one photoshoot filled with amazingly inspiring individuals could change my views on my own body and encourage body positivity speaks volumes about this company and the people involved in it. I am over the moon happy with having this realization and am working hard everyday to challenge myself to embrace my flaws and love myself.

Thank you so much Swimco for not only having me as the hair and makeup artist for this amazing shoot, but also for inspiring me beyond the imaginable. <3