A life time in swimwear

A life time in swimwear

Guest post by Dominika Kopcik

Hey guys, my name is Dominika Kopcik. I spent a decade of my life living at a pool in a bathing suit, training for my dream of going to the Olympics in synchronized swimming. As a child you dont think much of it, all you want for a 5 hour practice is a bathing suit that is comfortable right! But then as you grow the idea of being in a bathing suit for now 7 hours a day 6 x a week changes. Living in a bathing suit was such a major part of my life, 40+ hours weekly, that now not only did I want a comfortable suit but I wanted colors, different styles, low backs, high cuts… these were my daily outfits.

Until this day I will forever remember packing my suits case for the 2008 Beijing Olympics . This was obviously my lifetime achievement, the moment I had dreamed of. You what half my suitcase was… swimwear! I knew I was just going to be wearing my Team Canada tracksuits the entire time around the village, but the pool deck was where I had to shine! I must have had 15 bathing suits, all different colors & styles, with matching goggles & flip flops of coarse, one for each practice at least! Having swim wear that you love and feel comfortable in can bring you so much confidence. A swim suit makes you feel better in your skin, when you love it you want people to see if, you want to show off your body & the way that certain bathing suits makes you look & feel.

My collection of bathing suits is what some may say ridiculous, but it was such a big part of my life. Even post swimming career, that same obsession came to normal everyday swim wear. Having had 3 kids also teaches you to love your changing body. I could no longer wear bikinis or certains styles of bathing suits , so I looked and experimented with new styles. I have drawers full of bathing suits, because I truly do believe that finding a bathing suit you love can change how you think and feel about your body.

I have been shopping at swim co since I was a little girl. Now with more selection that ever, there is a perfect piece of swim wear for every single person in your family. Our family loves it, I am sure yours will too!